The Gryphon Code

Welcome to the Gryphon Code v2, the official Code of the Gryphon's Guild!

The GryphCode is used to convey a lot of information about you (or your character) in a small block of text, and used on the GryphBoard, GryphList, on your webpage, or in your e-mail signature.

Confused by all those letters, numbers, and symbols? Plug the Code into GG member Kreatyl's Gryph Code v1 Java Translator! Note that it was made for version one and has compatability errors with GCv2, and that you need java to run it. Anyone want to write a decoder for the GC2?

Start making your Code! Species

Click any part of the following sample code to jump to that tag:

GC2.G S&e%l,l#^m [m] A- C^bl=pur:r Dc- B- Hm $+ EL- W+ M-- K E++ P+++ FA+ T+ RP+++ Ar+ Wr- I-- Am++[} L+++ V? .[cyb] So+++ PK- Ts GF F---

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