Loopiness: L*

Loopiness (otherwise known as kookiness, craziness, silliness or weirdness) is a traditional trait of Guild members. How nutty are you?

L++++Join me in a dairy-cow toss? La la. Bad donut!
L+++Padded walls are a decorative statement!
L++My mental health and grasp of reality are often questioned
L+People eye me warily
LAbout as normal as you can get; both seriousness and silliness have their places
L-I tend to be practical and have little patience for being goofy
L--It embarrasses me to be seen with my L+ friends in public
L---There are no voices; I have a firm grounding in reality
L----I consider this whole "loopiness" tag is a bunch of nonsense; you're ALL crazy

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