Gryphon Friend: G*

This attribute applies to non-Gryphs only. How often do you associate with Gryphons? How do you get along?

G++++Have you noticed? You've started growing feathers...
G+++Popular with Gryphons; you're invited to sleepovers at their eyries
G++Reasonably popular; you visit for tea and haunch of horse
G+Polite acquaintance; you've brought over Jell-OTM
GTolerance; they don't try to disembowel you, you don't try to skewer them
G-Irritant; they think about having you over for lunch
G--Maddening; they think about a quick snack; now!
G---Infuriating; you're not good enough for a meal
G----Cold fury; they're gonna hunt you, find you, and then...

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