Diet: D*

If someone invites you to lunch, this tag can help determine if you might be on the menu!

D+++Don't bother me, I'm eating!
D++More than likely, you'll find me gnawing on something or other
D+I've been known to overindulge once in a while
DNormal; a healthy number of meals and a few snacks every day
D-Smaller portions please, I'm on a diet
D--I eat only enough to survive (if that)
D---On a fast, no food for me!

Food Groups:

aAnything and Everything!
jJunk Food; mmm, chocolate
fFluids; I'm on a liquid diet
mMinerals; order me up a slab of granite with a side of shale
sSentients; I like food that talks back

If you eat only one or two things, you can specify them in brackets, seperated by backslashes. For example, D[pie/cake]+ means you eat a bit more than normal, and only pies and cakes!

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