Ammunition: Am*

The Gryphon's Guild is known for it's pie fights. Do you participate? Although pies are traditional, some gryphs have been known to toss other things. What's your weapon of choice?

Am+++*splut* If I'm around, people know to duck!
Am++No pie fight? I'll start one!
Am+If there's a pie fight around, I'll join in!
AmI pie newbies, and sometimes join the fights
Am-I'll occasionally indulge in pastry-lobbing
Am--I'm not very big on flying food
Am---Pie me, and kiss your feathers good-bye

Type of Ammo:

  • [} Pie
    • [}b Banana Cream
    • [}a Apple
    • [}k Key Lime
    • [}l Lemon Meringue
    • [}p Pumpkin
  • @ Pastries
  • % Other Food
    • %c Condiments
    • %r Rotten
  • ~ Liquids
    • ~h H2O (Water)
  • ^ Messy and Non-edible
    • ^w Water Balloons
    • ^g Gunk, Gak or Goop
    • ^m Mud
  • # Articles of Clothing
    • #u Unmentionables
    • #s Socks
  • ! Anything I can get my hands on!

Feel free to be more specific in [brackets] if your ammo of choice isn't listed here. Remember! Pie fights are all in good fun; your ammo should not be dangerous or harmful.


Really enjoys a good pie fight, and usually attacks with tree sap!

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