Mating Status: M*

Have you found that special someone?

M+++!Mated IRL to my OL mate's RL self! (Catch that?)
M+++Am I mated? We've nested!
M++Ask my significant other!
M+Ask my sweetheart!
MAsk me, PLEASE! *hopeful smiles*
M-Don't ask!
M--Ask my fellow bachelor/ettes!
M---Single, and proud of it!
M---!Not only single, I find the idea of mating despicable
(M)Ask, and I'll knock your beak off
M+-+Single with kittens
M(*)Widowed i.e., M+(++) means you had an SO who died, and are currently dating/have a sweetheart
M#Number of mates one has e.g., M++3 means "Ask my three SOs!"

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