Psi Ability: P*

This tag measures psionic/psychic abilities, such as telepathy, telekinesis, empathy and so on.

P+++I knew which tag fit me before I even saw this screen!
P++Like Yoda with the Force; my mind-bendy powers behold you do!
P+Like Luke Skywalker in Dagoba; I can stand on my head and lift rocks
PAt least I've got the knack of telepathic conversations!
P-I may be able to pick up direct telepathic messages, but that's about it
P--Even trying this stuff gives me a headache
P---More like the rock than the rock lifter
P#Han Solo; "Laugh it up, fuzzball." -- psi is of no interest to me
P!All things are possible when I put my mind to it!


%I have Head Explodey!
[field]Specialization (tk, empathy, etc.)
&Nothing in, nothing out (blocks telepathy)

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