The Gryphon's Guild
For Gryphons and Gryph-Fans

The Guild on FurryMUCK

The Guild has a large area of its own built on FurryMUCK (FM). A MUCK is a text-based interactive multiplayer environment. Players can explore, moving from room to room, chatting and roleplaying, taking advantage of built in programs, games, and bots. Each room and player has a description which other players can look at. MUCKs are similar to MUSHes, MOOs and MUDs.

How to Connect

First, you must connect to FurryMUCK to check if your desired character name is available. You will need a MUCK client, such as MUSHclient or WyrmNet. Alternately you can use a TelNet application. WyrmNet is the simplest program, and may be easiest for beginners to use. Of these, MUSHclient has the most bells and whistles.

In the client, you will need to enter connection information.

The information you need to enter is:

TCP/IP/Host Address:
Port: 8888

After you enter server information, next connect as a guest. Type the following in the text bar and hit enter:

connect guest guest

Now you can check to see if your desired character name is available! Names can be up to 16 characters long and may not contain spaces. Type:

laston [desired name]
Example: laston PoofGryphon

If the name is taken you will see something like this:

   Name           Laston           Last Connected    Last Disconnected
   PoofGryphon     ( Yesterday )    05:04PM 12/29/08  09:50PM 12/29/08

If the name is not taken you'll see:

Could not find the player named PoofGryphon.

That means that character name is available!

Once you find a character name that is available, you must register a character on FurryMUCK. Registration can take a couple days.

After your character registration is approved, it's time to sign on! Connect to the MUCK using your client, and instead of connecting as a guest, connect as your new character.

connect [your character] [your password]
Example: connect PoofGryphon fluffiness

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Basic Commands

look [place, person or object]

Look at a place, person or thing. Abbreviated 'L' (upper or lowercase).

Example: l here
You'll see something like: A dark and spooky room.
Example: l PoofGryphon
You'll see: An exceedingly poofy gryphon!

say [message]

Speak. Abbreviated with a quotation mark, '"'.

Example: "Hi there!
You'll see: You say, "Hi there!"
Others will see: PoofGryphon says, "Hi there!"

pose [action]

To describe the actions of your character. Abbreviated with a colon, ':'. Equivalent of /me on IRC.

Example: :runs amok!
You'll see: PoofGryphon runs amok!


Logs you off of FurryMUCK. Must be all uppercase letters.


Lists all the characters connected in the room you are currently in. Must be all lowercase letters.


Lists all players connected to the MUCK. Must be all uppercase letters.


Abbreviated 'ws'. Lists all players connected in the room you are currently in, along with their gender and species.

tport [room]

Teleport. Abbreviated t. Go to a room. Not all rooms are set to accept teleporters. Some rooms have custom destinations, such as 't sewer'. The Guild's destination code is 'gg'. Others, you must enter the room's 'dbref #', or database reference number.

Example: t gg
You'll see: You feel a wrenching sensation.


Returns you to your home on the MUCK.

page [name] = [message]

Send a private message to someone in another part of the MUCK. Abbreviated 'p'. If you do not specify a name, it will send to the last person you paged.

Example: p PoofGryphon = Hey there, Poofykins!
You'll see: You page, "Hey there, Poofykins!" to PoofGryphon.

whisper [name] = [message]

Send a private message to someone in the same room of the MUCK as you. Abbreviated 'w'. If you do not specify a name, it will send to the last person you whispered to.

Example: w PoofGryphon = Whatcha up to?
You'll see: You whisper, "Whatcha up to?" to PoofGryphon.

mail [name] = [message subject]

Send a quick-mail to an offline player. To send mail or check your mail, you can also simply type 'mail'.

Example: mail PoofGryphon = Help!
You'll see:
   <      Entering message editor.  To send your message enter '.send'     >
   <   To abort this message enter '.abort'  For further help enter '.h'   >
   <      If you would like to say or pose, use " to say or : to pose      >
   < To start a line with a . " or :, use a . before it as in .. ." or .:  >
   <     If you would like to postpone this message, enter '.postpone'     >
   < Insert at line 1 >
Type your message, then hit enter to type '.send' on its own line.

Example: Next time you're on, could you help me build my home?

You'll see: Sent to PoofGryphon.


Lists the wizards, MUCK admin, who are currently connected. If you're having trouble, they can help you if you send them a private message.

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How to Get to the Guild

Now that you've connected to the MUCK, you'll want to join the other Guilders in the Guild Mountain area of the MUCK. You'll need to teleport to the Newbie Nook. The command for teleporting is 't' or 'tport'.

t gg

You can also teleport using the room number, which is #166397 (i.e. 'tport #166397').

Read the rules and description. In order to enter the Guild, you will have to verify that you read the rules by setting the appropriate property on yourself. The rules are the same as for the rest of the Guild, so be sure to read the FAQ! If you are a flying creature, you should also set the appropriate property indicating that you are. (Don't worry, if you can't fly, you can still get all around the Guildlands!) These properties start with '@set me='. Just copy them exactly to set them on yourself.

Now, you can enter the rest of the Guild! To enter the Guildlands proper from the Newbie Nook, type 'c' or 'common room'.

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There are several ways to get around the MUCK. To find a list of occupied areas of the MUCK type 'whereare' or 'wa'. Teleporting or taking the taxi will take you directly to different parts of the MUCK.

Type 'taxi' to summon the taxi. Once in the taxi, you can type 'l sign' to get a list of taxi destinations.

If you would like to find a teleport destination, 't #help' will give you a list of teleport help topics; '2' lists destinations and 'q' exits the teleport help program. Another way to find many teleport destinations is to go to BoingDragon's JumpRoom, which can be accessed by typing 'jr' once you are in the taxi. From there, typing 'sites' will give you a list of teleport destinations.

The other way to navigate on the MUCK is to travel directly from room to room. Typically, exits are listed at the bottom of the room description, along with a list of all people and objects located in the room. Entering the exit name will move you to the next room.

The Guild is set up with cardinal directions as well as named exits. At the bottom of a Guild's room description, you may see something like this:

Obvious Exits:
[N]ewbie [N]ook   [T]unnel   Entry [H]all

Each exit has a name which you can enter to go into that room. The letters in [square brackets] are shortcuts to those rooms (do not type the brackets themselves). Exits are typically not case sensitive. The Guild is also set up to allow navigation through the cardinal directions where appropriate (north, south, east, west, etc.). In the room's description, you may see other details, such as "The Entry Hall is to the south, the Newbie Nook to the northwest, and a tunnel ascends to the north."

To go into the Newbie Nook, you have several options. You could type 'Newbie Nook', 'nn', 'northwest', or 'nw'. All will take you into the Newbie Nook!

If you get lost, you can always find your way back to the Newbie Nook by typing 't gg', or go home by typing 'home'.

When directions to an area are written, each command is typically separated by a comma. For example, the instructions on how to get to the Guild's Common Room from anywhere on the MUCK would be written, 't gg, c'. Each command must be entered separately.

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Finding a Home on the MUCK

Your home is the location where your character "sleeps" when you sign off. If you are "swept" from a room, your character will be sent back to your home. Typically, it is also the place that you build and design yourself.

You have several options on the MUCK for your home.

The first, and easiest, is the Newbie Nook. It has been made "link okay" so that you may set it as your home. It is not very personal, but it is cozy! It also makes it very easy to get to the Guild on FM: just type 'home'! If you would like to set the Nook as your home, first make sure you are in the room. Then type the following:

@link me=here

You'll see:

Home set.

Another option is to make your home in the Guild Eyries. This is also very easy, and it also allows you to make your own room just for yourself, with whatever description and name you want. It also gives you a link to your room from the Guild (though you can lock your room for privacy, if desired), and a listing in the eyries of the Guildlands (like an apartment directory). Here are instructions on how to claim an eyrie in the Guildlands.

In addition to the Guild Eyries, there are many other apartment areas around the MUCK as an option for a publicly accessible home. You may find these through exploring.

The final option is to build your own home. It is the most flexible option, but your area will be "unlinked" from the rest of the MUCK (unless you find someone willing to link to your home from their area).

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More Information

Here are some outside links with more information.

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