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Claiming a Guild Eyrie

Claiming an eyrie in the Guildlands is one of the easiest ways to acquire a personalized home on FM. Not only does it allow you to design a room however you'd like it to look, it also gives you an automatic link from the Guild, a listing in the Guild "apartment directory" and an easy way to teleport to the Guild area on the MUCK.

Be sure that this is what kind of home you want before claiming an eyrie. Other options including finding another apartment directory on the MUCK, setting your home as Newbie Nook, or building your own home.

To get to the Guild Eyries, you go north from the Common Room ('t gg, c'), and then west when you reach the ledge.

n, n, n, n, w

Instructions on how to claim an eyrie are listed there ('l sign'). 'Directory' lists all the eyries, both claimed and unclaimed. To claim an eyrie, type 'claim [#]'. Then, to enter your eyrie, type the number of the eyrie you claimed. For example, '1' leads to Tser's lair. To find your way back to the Common Room, you would exit your eyrie (usually 'o'/'out' unless you have changed it), and then go 'e, s, s, s, s' (or teleport, 't gg, c').

Once you've claimed one of these eyries, you should set it as your home. Once inside your claimed eyrie, type:

@link me=here

You'll see:

Home set.

You'll also want to personalize it. By default it will be named "[Your Name]'s Eyrie". Alternately, you can name it anything you'd like.

@name here=[Name of your home.]
Example: @name here=Pillowlair of PoofGryphon

You'll also need to describe it. We do ask that people who claim an eyrie at least try to make it fit in with the Guild's theme. The Guildlands are set in a dormant volcano. The eyries are along the inside of the crater. Appropriate homes might be caves, nests set in the cliffs, houses built on ledges, and so on. (However, with imagination, almost any kind of home could be worked into the theme -- for example, a swirling portal to another realm. So don't feel limited by this, just be creative!)

@desc here=[Description of your home.]
Example: @desc here=This is PoofGryphon’s lair. The room is full of feather pillows. Some have broken and feathers float everywhere.

Instead of using @name and @desc, you can also use editroom. More detailed instructions can be found in the instructions for Creating a Room on FM. In addition, you can use @dig to create additional rooms, and link them to your Guild eyrie using @open, creating a large home with many rooms!

That's it! You now have a personalized home in the Guild. If you've linked yourself to it, whenever you type 'home' you will be returned there.

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