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Building a Home on FurryMUCK

There are several options to building your own home on FurryMUCK. These instructions pertain to creating your own room, and is the most flexible of the options. However, your room will be "unlinked" -- no one will be able to walk to your home from the Guild or anywhere else on the MUCK. If you would like a room that is listed at the Guild's mountain, or would like people to be able to reach your home, you can Claim a Guild Eyrie instead, link yourself to the Newbie Nook, or find someone who owns an area on the MUCK already and is willing to link to your home.

First, create your room.

@dig Name of Your Home
Example: @dig PoofGryphon's Lair of Feather Pillows

You'll see:

PoofGryphon's Lair of Feather Pillows created with room number #123456.
Parent room set to BD's Environment Room (#15100).

The room number is your room's "dbref".

Now teleport to your room.

t [room's dbref]
Example: t #123456

You'll see:

You feel a wrenching sensation...

Now you are in your room. Describe your room. You have two options. One is to use the "desc" command.

@desc here=[Description of your room.]
Example: @desc here=This is PoofGryphon's lair. The room is full of feather pillows. Some have broken and feathers float everywhere.

You'll see:

Description set.

Editroom allows you to use a program to describe your room and edit your room's properties. To describe your room, choose option '2'. Answer 'yes' to the question that pops up. Now, type your description. This method lets you enter line breaks and go back and edit your description. Type '.h' for help. Type '.end' when you are done editing your room's description.

Now, make your exits visible. Choose option '7'. This will make the option read "7. Exits are automatically listed."

Also, in order to have a home in the Guild's Eyries, you must have your room set "LINK_OK". While in the 'editroom' program, choose option '5'. This will change that option to read "5. Linking is allowed."

After you have described your room, make it your home. When you disconnect and are "swept" from other locations, you will always end up here. Also, you can always get back to your home by typing 'home'.

@link me=here

You'll see:

Home set.

Note: FurryMUCK has a building quota of about 20 rooms. If you choose to do so, you can make your home have multiple rooms. Simply "dig" new rooms, make a note of each dbref, and link them using exits. You can use "@open" or use editroom to make exits. More information can be found by typing the following help commands:

help @dig
help @open

or the following pages:

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