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Common Room Commands

These commands are specific to the Common Room on FM ('t gg, c'). For more general MUCK commands, see the Guild on FurryMUCK Homepage.


Quill is a kea/banded civet gryphon who is always present in the Common Room. He is insane, and mostly confined by an old canvas straitjacket. He is not a real person. Quill is an artificial "intelligence" (similar to a bot on IRC). He is not the same program as the the Quill on the IRC chat, so he has different commands. Unfortunately, he can't tell you the weather, so if you ask him about it, he might be rather indignant! But of course, we all love to torture Quill, so go ahead and taunt him.

The following commands must be said in a pose (': [command]') or speech ('" [command]).


Well, he has no idea, but you can ask.

How are you, Quill?

Also, 'How do you feel, Quill?', and the same phrases, but with his name starting them instead of at the end. Quill will let you know how he's doing just then. He has moodswings.

Quill also greets people who enter, and responds to several random triggers.

The following commands are simply typed on their own, NOT in speech or poses.


Quill will tell you the time.


Also 'poke quill' and 'pq'. Poke Quill! He doesn't like that!


Also 'kick quill' and 'kq'. Kick Quill! He deserves it!


You provoke Quill, prompting him to spout a random phrase from an ever growing list. "Random" or "markov" in speech or pose also provokes a response. (Note, this is not a real markov chain, the command is simply retained from the IRC Quill.)

Room Commands

Want to start a pie fight? There are three types of ammunition to choose from at this time. They will splut everyone in the room!

Banana Creme Pie (or 'bcp')
Apple Pie (or 'ap')
Pumpkin Pie (or 'pp')

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